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Archive | octobre, 2011

A SQALE user story

When a SQALE user tells his complete story (including: why he chose SQALE; his implementation; his recommendations …) it is interesting information. When the story comes from a large insurance company with a multi-language portfolio,  it is valuable feedback and information to share. Thanks to the  « Poitou Charente Java User Group », the presentation (video and [...]

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A thesis about SQALE

I received some weeks ago a copy of the Master thesis from J.H. Hegeman at the University of Twente in Netherland. “Quality of Quality models”. Since a couple of weeks, an unrestricted version is now available here. This is an impressive (150 pages) and very interesting work that I recommend.  Here are some extracts of [...]

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SQALE is used by small to large organizations. But, in practice, does SQALE fit to very large, multinational organizations with a multi-language portfolio? In theory, the method has been developed for such a context. All SQALE concepts are generic. The underlying concept of technical debt is understandable by all levels of an organization’s hierarchy. For [...]

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A new SQALE version in the pipe

SQALE has now been public for one year. This year allows us to collect precious feedback from users from very different organizations and contexts. There is one issue that came back regularly; this is the criticality, severeness…of violations. Currently the non-conformities are weighted by their remediation cost. A critical violation (like an uninitialized variable) may [...]

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