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Details – indices & indicators

The SQALE Indices

For any element of the source code portfolio, the SQALE Method defines the following set of indices:

SQALE Characteristic indices:

  • SQALE Testability Index: STI
  • SQALE Reliability Index: SRI
  • SQALE Changeability Index: SCI
  • SQALE Efficiency Index: SEI
  • SQALE Security Index: SSI
  • SQALE Maintainability Index: SMI
  • SQALE Portability Index: SPI
  • SQALE Reusability Index: SRuI

The SQALE Quality Index: SQI which measures the Technical Debt

The SQALE Business Index: SBII which measures the importance of the debt

Consolidated and density indices (see the complete list in the definition document)

The SQALE Indicators

The SQALE Method defines 4 synthesised indicators. They provide powerful analysis capabilities and support optimised decisions for managing source code quality and Technical Debt.

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