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Latest version of the SQALE Method Definition Document

Version 1.1 :-SQALE-Method-EN-V1-1

Other SQALE related documents

We have published papers and presentations providing additional information about the SQALE method to help understand the origin, the principles and the benefits of the method.

Cutter IT Journal – March 2016: Managing Technical Debt with the SQALE Method

IEEE Software Magazine – Managing Technical Debt with the SQALE Method: pdf

Agile 2012 – The SQALE method: Meaningful insights into your Technical Debt: pdf

ICSE 2012 – The SQALE Method for evaluating Technical Debt : pdf

SQALE white paper: pdf pdf French

ERTS2 – 2010 conference paper: pdf

VALID – 2010 conference paper: pdf

An introduction to the SQALE method: A presentation on slideshare


Links to SQALE related documents from partners/users

A user testimonial from the banking sector (in French): Link

The thesis from J.H. Hegeman « Quality of Quality Models »: Link

SQALE applied to industrial automation (at the French Automation Club) : A presentation on slideshare

SQALE at the 16th Ada Europe conference: Link